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Son kills father after domestic dispute

A ten-year-old St. Paul boy stabbed his father to death early Friday after the father and the boy's mother argued, the Pioneer Press reported Saturday. This story is the follow-up to a story published Friday on the incident. As an interesting reminder of the mistakes that can happen when deadline pressure is fierce, the story begins with a correction to Friday's story, explaining that the boy and his mother were not involved in a neglect case in Carver County as stated in Friday's piece. The father, Thomas Christopher Simmons, 34, had another ten-year-old son by a different woman, who was involved in the neglect case.

This story starts to get at the motive the boy had to stab his father, who lived in the apartment above the one the boy shared with his mother and siblings. Simmons returned to the building intoxicated, according to witnesses, and began arguing with the mother. The mother said in Saturday's article that the boy just wanted to scare his father, who was making verbal threats to his mother. The boy picked up a knife and stabbed his father in the chest. The mother said she decided to speak out on the case to let the public know her son is not an evil child and that Simmons was not a horrible man who deserved being killed.