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Stillwater staple to close doors

This story is not really that interesting to most people, let me start with that. But when I read in the local briefs section of the Pioneer Press the Stillwater Drug was closing its doors for good this summer, it was with heavy heart. The drug store has been a downtown staple for me since I can remember. I grew up in Stillwater and would go down there for prescriptions, candy and trinkets. The corner of Main Street and Chestnut Street has housed a drug store since 1881, so I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt as if a staple of our town's history was being taken away. The owner, who is 79, wants to retire and will be selling the spot. This is the third historic local business to close down this year. The Minnesota Zepher and the Stillwater Hardware Store already announced their departure from the main drag earlier this year.

As far as briefs go, this one is pretty standard. It is short, it is to-the-point and it is basic. The author does a good job of getting quotes from two different sources into the brief, which can be hard sometimes with such a limited space. The author also deviated from the standard cut-and-dry approach to briefs, which is basically just a summary of the who, what, where, when and sometimes the why. I appreciated this personally because this is a sad story for long-time residents or visitors of Stillwater. The author's reference to "Main and Chestnut" shows that she is intimate with the area and understands how this piece of news will effect some readers. She also did a good job of explaining the historical significance of this store, which is sometimes difficult in briefs because the "why should I care?" is usually complex and hard to sum up neatly.