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Turkish Leader Vetoes Election Changes

Turkey's president vetoed a constitutional amendment Friday that would have allowed the people to elect the president. Under Turkey's current constitution, Parliment elects the president, the Washington Post reported. The veto ended a dramatic week in Turkish politics, highlighted by an all out brawl between two factions of Parliment earlier in the week.

Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer said the country's democratic system was not designed for the public to elect the president and cited his worries about political instability following the amendment as the reason for his veto.

The veto was a setback for Turkish leaders pushing for a more liberal democratic system, but is not the end of the movement all together. If parliment were to pass the bill again, the president is not allowed to veto the same bill twice.

The military in this Islamic-ruled country threatened to intervene to protect the secular government system currently in place and secular Turks held rallies in multiple cities in the weeks leading up to the veto.