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Boy sues parents over injury

A nine-year-old boy can sue his parents for improperly installing his carseat, a mistake that resulted in permanent brain damage when the boy was ejected from the car during a crash when he was three. The boy initially sued the car seat manufacturer Century Power Products, according to the Pioneer Press. There was a coin lodged in the buckle, so even thought the buckle clicked like it was locked into place, it wasn´t. The manufacturer argued that the boy´s parents were to blame because they failed to properly install and maintain the car seat. The boy quietly settled the suit with the manufacturer for an undisclosed amount of money, and then turned to his parents. To sue them, with their support. The ruling, in favor of the boy, forces his parents´ auto insurance company, Progressive, to pay $100,000. The money will help the family pay for his care, which requires around-the-clock assistance. The boy´s lawyer, in a statement, said this case wasn´t about blaming the parents but rather about forcing the insurance company to pay their part in the accident.