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Lilydale struggles with sliver of land

Lilydale city officials are trying to decide what to do with a little piece of land causing some big disputes. The land, less than an acre in size, was given to the city years ago, the Pioneer Press reported Thursday. City officials thought that the land was deeded to the city with certain stipulations for its use, but recently discovered tht at this is not the case. Most of the council members want to sell the land to residential developers, which would win the ity about $320 thousand dollars. These council members see the land as a way to help the city get out of debt. However, there is another side to the story. One council member wants to protect the land as it is zoned in the city plan, a¨"passive open space." She also contends that the land is not suitable for residential development because it is too steep of a grade to build on. The council voted 3-1 to survey the land for residential sale.