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Mexican mother fights deportation

This story from the Chicago Tribune is about a Mexican woman who is fighting deportation by claiming sanctuary inside a Chicago church. I chose the article because it exhibits an alternative structure for a story. This article is a very long profile piece, which gives the author more room to stray from the traditional inverted pyramid format for a news article. However, the author does a great job of working a strong narrative voice into the piece. The article opens much like a book, setting up a particular scene instead of jumping to the point of the story like the inverted pyramid teaches. The author then goes into telling why this scene is important and why this woman is important enough to have a story about her. The author continues the piece by going into the controversy surrounding her tactics for resisting deportation and further into her personal history. I also like how the reporter chooses to highlight the history of some of the key figures that are helping the woman in the story. Although this is a profile, giving the reporter more liberty and time to break the traditional structure for a news article, I still think it is a good example of techniques to use to liven up a story.