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Here's a puzzle! And it's fun, I think. Can you figure it out? It was taken in Santiago, Chile, but that fact won't help you solve the puzzle.

Sydney Opera House

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The Opera House is a spectacular construcion that didn't exactly follow the original architect's design (because that would have been too expensive to build), so he never visited the building. The roof tiles are not all white - the building would have been too bright for sailors in the harbor. When I was there (1989) they were photographing every roof tile (in blocks) because some tiles were cracked and needed replacement.

A Village of the Karo People (Ethiopia)

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Karo village132.jpg

The dark clouds suddenly appeared while there still was light on the structures, The raised structures are designed for grain storage - raising them deters mice, etc.

Summer Palace - Beijing

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The Summer Palace is a vast complex of elaborately decorated buildings, hills and grassy areas. Sometimes I find a person in a perfect pose, as in this infrared image.

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