Brilliant Bird

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Bright zoo bird.jpg

This bird was in the zoo with poor light and a bad background.

Board Goats

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Last summer, while visiting family in Southern Washington state, we saw a neighbor who kept various animals. Her goats liked to stand off the ground, making a fun configuration.

Whooping Crane

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Last weekend we visited the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin, where we saw this beautiful whooping crane. They have specimins of all 14 types of cranes, but smoe were too shy to come outside, and many were behind wires that are hard to remove from photographs.

Alphabet Book

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I decided to add letters from the back end of the alphabet so you can see the new ones without having to scroll past all the earlier ones in the alphabet.

By the way, if you are interested, you can purchase a copy of this book from the blurb store ( [You can also view the whole thing there, but don't do that - it will be more fun to get a letter each week, don't you think!]

front cover.jpg

This alphabet book was created as a Christmas present for grandchildren a few years ago. I took all the pictures and created the pages using Photoshop, which permitted me to select the colors of the text from the colors on the creature in the photograph. On each page the letter at the top is in one color from the creature and the text below the picture, identifying the creature and the location where it was photographed, is in a different color from the creature.

I plan to put a new letter of the alphabet on the blog about once each week.

copyright page.jpg


>blue booby.jpg

chinstrap penguin.jpg



fur seal1.jpg



icelandic horse.jpg


king penguin.jpg


mot-mot bird.jpg

nazca booby.jpg



quail phony.jpg




upland goose.jpg




yellow warbler.jpg



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These Bolivian llamas were photographed drinking (and running!) in front of the Andes outside San Jaun, which is near the large Uyuni salt flat.

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