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I have succeeded at getting all the blog entries that are inside this site linked to my Zenfolio site, so now you can access everything photographic that I have put out at one place. Simply click on the following link and you will be there! To zenfolio

I've moved to zenfolio

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It turns out to be convenient for me to put my pictures out through the zenfolio service, so my photos will be posted there. At that site you can view the pictures, following a folder structure, and you can order prints and other photo creations. So please look for my pictures at the following URL:


I have already posted a number of pattern pictures and travel pictures from Bolivia. I will soon put up Icelandic photos, and the stream will continue after that.

Thanks for your interest in my images.

See you at zenfolio!

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Tonight I added a new image to patterns. I plan to add some to other categories later tonight, Look at the dates in the list below to discover where I added images.

Links to my blogs separated by category


I have separated my pictures by category so that you won't get too many in one place. If you click on one of the following red buttons, you will be redirected to a new window in which you will see my pictures in that category. If you use the back arrow to leave that window, you will be returned to this entry, where you can select another category of photographs to view if you wish to see more images.

If you want to subscribe to this blog, the button to do so is to the right of about the first line of the previous paragraph.

If you subscribe to this overview blog you will be notified whenever I put a new entry in any category, becaue I will add a posting saying that I posted something somewhere and I will change the date information below. So you can look at the dates below to move quickly to new photos that you have not seen.

Architecture (the most recent entry was posted on 12/18/11)

Creatures (the most recent entry was posted on 1/18/12)

Openings (the most recent entry was posted on 12/12/11)

Patterns (the most recent entry was posted on 1/18/12)

People (the most recent entry was posted on 12/31/11)

Photography (the most recent entry was posted on 11/10/11)

Reflections (the most recent entry was posted on 10/2/11)

Scenery (the most recent entry was posted on 12/2/11)

Travel (the most recent entry was posted on 6/23/11)

Miscellaneous (the most recent entry was posted on 11/6/11)

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