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Architecture (the most recent entry was posted on 12/18/11)

Creatures (the most recent entry was posted on 1/18/12)

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These photographs are exceptional and speak to me in many ways. Some are poetic, some capture stillness and peace, others entice with humor, mystery, geometric confusion, drama and rhythm, still others open you heart to the plight and strength of many people in foreign lands, and all compel me to look again because they have more to say. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. You have a real gift. Connie

Hi Dick,
Some fantastic images here! Are all the salt flat images taken with the Olympus PEN? (I hope you know that you are motivating me to get back into photography.)

It was great running into you and Kathie at Norm and Deborah's!


Hello Richard! Congratulations! Your photos are really amazing! The viewer has the impression that the people in the picture are alive. They makes the viewer feel happy. Mover

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