One Standing

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One standing.jpg


Yellow Lady Slipper

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yellow slipper1.jpg

I just realized that I did not have a category for flowers (perhaps I should have a flower category). This lady slipper photograph is one that I just saw again (after 6 + years), as part of the process of putting my images in Lightroom. This picture was one of the first ones I took with my first digital SLR camera. By the way, that is the camera that was later converted to take the infrared photographs that I post occasionally.

A Beach Pattern

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There are many interesting patterns by the ocean - but they change with each wave.

Trampoline with Two Snowboards

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These two pictures of the state fair trampoline show suggest the motion of the two jumpers on their snowboards,

Trampoline Show

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Here are two images from the trampoline show at our state fair Wednesday. Notice the (crazy) scheme of jumping while wearing a snowboard. More trampoline pictures will appear later.

Parking Lot Computing

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Parking Lot Computing.jpg

An unusual combination of method and location for keeping in touch. [After lunch in Wisconsin Dells -- lots of people don't keep in touch while they're here.]

Easter Island Bicycle

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A colorful wall complements the yellow bike, making a nice pattern.

Booth Decoration

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This "booth" in a restaurant in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, had interesting decorations.