Swimming Abstract

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swimming chin.jpg

There is a child here! I put this image under people simply because I've placed many images under "Patterns," where this might otherwise belong.

Young Dancer

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Child dancing.jpg

A young dancer at the State Fair (2010).

Native American Performer

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Native performer.jpg

The Wednesday program on an outdoor stage at the state fair included a Native American group singing and dancing with lots of gusto. This is their spokesman/emcee dancing.

Honey Man

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Honey man.jpg

With his unique hat, he was selling honey at the Capitol Square Farmer's Market in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008.

Waiting in the Tree Sculpture

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Man at the fair.jpg

When we left the Fine Arts building at the State Fair, we saw this man sitting in a carved tree outside the entry, and we had a god conversation with him. He enjoyed having his picture taken.

Bubble Fun

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Bubble boy-1.jpg

This year the State Fair has a display by Mr. Bubble in which kids (and adults!) can play in bubbles. Some start young with great expressions...

Waiting for Pronto Pups

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Knife in the neck.jpg

Walking by the line waiting to buy Pronto Pups, I saw this man with a knife down his shirt. Couldn't resist getting out my camera!


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singer0051.jpg This woman was singing with a group outside the entrance to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

Llama Herder

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This young woman and her sister herd llamas outside San Juan, Bolivia, where they live.

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