Lukla Gate

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36516-Lukla stone gate-b+w.jpg

One flies to Lukla in Nepal to start trekking to see Mt. Everest. On my way back from seeing the mountain, I saw this opening just inside Lukla.

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Redwood hole.jpg

Old Giant Sequoia trees may rot in the center yet remain alive. Here is an opening through the bottom of a tree in Sequoia National Park, California. In the lower right corner we see scarring form a fire on a neighboring tree (that did die). Their thick bark protects them from fire - because fire will destroy their competition, it helps them live longer.


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This was taken in 2004 with my first point-and-shoot digital camera.


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Blue doorway-Uyuni.jpg

This photograph was taken out of the window as we were driving by. Many interesting doorways were photographed in this manner on my 2011 trip to South America. This doorway is in Uyuni, Bolivia.

Doorway with eye-Valpariso.jpg

In Valpariso, Chile we spent time walking down a sloping, narrow street (that was almost like an alley due to its narrow width) photographing graffiti. Some of the graffiti made interesting large designs; this doorway composition is the uphill portion of a larger "work."

Door with rock street and green.jpg

I like the various rocks and wood textures and colors in this doorway, in Valpariso near the doorway above.

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