Icicle Pattern

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Icicle pattern.jpg

Since it is getting really cold tonight (for the first time this winter), I decided to put out an icicle picture, even though, with minimal snow, there have not been any icicles this month. We will set a new record tomorrow morning - it will be the latest date in a winter season when the official Minneapolis temperature has gone below zero.


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flamingo rear2.jpg

An interesting pattern of light and shadow that I ran across while going through older files. Do you have a guess as to what you are seeing here?

Christmas Wrappings

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wrapping paper.jpg

Fun colors at Christmas - not a winning image, but fun.

What do you see?

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elephant in tree root.jpg

Here's an old image taken among redwood trees. What creature can you imagine here?

Minimal Beach Tracks

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Sand tracks.jpg

An upcoming camera club topic is "minimalism," so I manipulated this picture of tracks in the beach at San Diego.

Hosta Leaves

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Hosta pattern.jpg

Earlier this summer we visited one of Kathie's friends whose husband has many varieties of hosta. I took many pictures of their leaves. I especially liked this one in black and white.

Beach Pattern

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Here's another pattern found walking the beach in San Diego last January.

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There are interesting lava flow details right at the seashore on one of the Galapagos Islands. This abstract is one of many I photographed there. Let's play psychology and ask what you see in portions of this image.


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An interesting pattern I observed in Bachman's display at the State Fair this year.

Midway Prizes - 1

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Some bright prizes at a State Fair Midway game booth (a few years ago, in case you were there this year and missed these).

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