A Formal Pattern

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This pattern is from the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia; it will be my entry in the category "Reflections" at camera club tomorrow night. [It was put in first place by the judge.] I think this has lots of "formality." It is also interesting seen on end, with the left side down. I might add to that and make something new and interesting later. In case you might wonder, this is an actual image - the only Photoshop changes involved removing a truck in the distance and a couple of blurry birds.

Mississippi Riverbank - toned variation

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Here's the image from the previous posting, with toning modifications. I'd be interested in your preference between the two versions. Please don't get too concerned about the fact that this one is a bit darker in the shadows.

Mississippi Riverbank

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MS-Riverat RIverplaceDSC_9495.jpg

Last night I joined a group photo shoot near Riverplace in Minneapolis. This is one of the infrared pictures - more of them will appear in later blog entries.

What's this?

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This puzzle picture is for you to think about. What's going on? Some have figured this out (if you haven't, and want to think about it, stop reading here) - it is a reflection in the chrome cover of a side-mounted spare tire in a classic expensive car (I don't remember the brand name).

The Photographer Reflected in Sunglasses

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RYK in Joes glasses111.jpg
I'm riding in a boat in the Omo River, Ethiopia, and it's bright outside. This is Joe's sunglass lens, reflecting me, the boat, the wake amd the shoreline.

Hyperspace Reflections - No Horizon!

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The reflections at the Bolivian Uyuni salt flat are quite dramatic when spring rains fill the vast salt flat. In fact, you might think that we're in hyperspace! This image shows Joe van Os, whose organization (photosafaris.com) has provided me many travel and photography opportunities since 1996.