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Xmas Sunset.jpg

A pretty sunset on Christmas Day, seem while walking with Kathie around Lake Harriet (inside Minneapolis), just after we saw a red fox.\ (but my camera was put away then).


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We are about to have winter scenes all around us, so I thought I'd show one of my first infrared pictures that was actually taken on a warm May afternoon with the temperature around 85. Many people think this was taken in the winter. Enjoy the actual winter!

Rum River Scene

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Rum River in IR.jpg

I'm on a friend's pontoon boat with my infrared camera (not in the winter!).

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Galapagos Lava.jpg

There is one mountain in the Galapagos Islands that you can climb; this scene is from the path, showing typical lava flow structures. You might have seen a photograph taken from the top of this mountain - it is an iconic image of the islands.

Lake Hawea

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Hawea125 (4714).jpg

I spotted this view in the rear-view mirror driving towards the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. I climbed a hill to get a better view without showing lots of the road. Several cars stopped while I was there, and I told them to climb the hill for a better view, but none of them did - they just stood by the car door, took a picture, and drove on. They missed out!

Mystery Plant

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I titled this with the "mystery" word because I do not know what kind of plant it really is. It was photographed in infrared in the large garden in Kagoshima, Japan. If you can identify the plant, please let me know its identity! (Thanks in advance, if you can do this.)

Milford Sound Waterfall

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Milford Falls222.jpg

At Milford Sound, on New Zealand's South Island, a large number of waterfalls fall directly into the sound's water. So much fresh water falls into the ocean that there is a layer of fresh water atop the salty ocean within the sound. This picture was taken in 1989 from the boat that tours the sound.

Uyuni Salt Flat Sunset - 1

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This image is from the Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia, which is the world's largest salt flat, covering over 4,000 square miles. Because it does rain in the spring in this arid area, water does cover the salt for a short time - when we were there, the water was about three inches deep, making fantastic reflections. Another effect of the water is that it tends to level the surface of the salt because it dissolves the salt and then the salt redeposits as the water evaporates. The result is that this 4,000 square mile area is flat within one meter (i.e., less than 39 inches). It has been used to calibrate sattelites that are designed to measure the altittude of the earth's surface. I was there in March, 2011 with a group of photographers.

Wispy Clouds

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This infrared picture emphasizes the dramatic clouds above the high-altitude lake in southwestern Bolivia. [I could have categorized this under "reflections," but here it is under scenery - such is the quandry of categories.]

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