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Abigail Kaine is currently a junior at the University of Minnesota studying strategic communications. Her focus is primarily public relations but she also holds interest in both advertising and mass media.
Abigail is very involved around campus where she participates in different clubs and activities while also holding a part time job. First, she is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America where she is an active participant within the event committee. She enjoys collaborating with public relations professionals in order to assemble agency tours and meetings. Secondly, Abigail is the Vice President of a volunteer student group, Enrich Girls. Through Enrich Girls, she demonstrates accountability through volunteering and inspiring kindergarteners at Marcy Open School on a weekly basis.
In addition to being involved in different student groups, Abigail spends over twenty hours a week working at the University of Minnesota Real Estate Office. She has gained new experiences by effectively communicating with office staff to develop team goals for various projects through competent team leadership and critical thinking. Moreover, Abigail held an ambassador internship spring of 2013 for an uprising company, FirstJob, Inc. In this position, Abigail consistently interacted with the University of Minnesota student body to promote the goals and aspirations of the FirstJob Corporation.
Currently, Abigail is looking forward to her study abroad trip to Rome, Italy where she will hold an internship in addition to being enrolled in four courses.

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