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Former Nazi guard begins life sentence

Canadian officals handed over a former Nazi SS-guard to Italian police Friday, to begin serving a life sentence for absentia and war crimes, reports the BBC.

Michael Seifert, 83, who worked as a guard at a Nazi prison camp in the northern city of Bolzano during WWII was convicted by an Italian military tribunal in 2000. Seifert made several attempts to prevent extradition to Italy, but last month Canada's Supreme Court refused to hear his case and his extradition was made official.

Seifert fled to Canada after the war in 1951 where he attempted to create a new life and hide from his past crimes. Nicknamed by the public as the "Beast of Bolzano" Seifert was accused of many heinous crimes, including allowing prisoners to starve to death, as well as raping and murdering a pregnant woman.

However, due to the 83-year-olds failing health, he currently has a pacemaker, he may be able to serve out the remainder of his term under house arrest.