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March 31, 2008


The obituary that I will be looking at is the New York Times obituary on Nith Pran, a photojournalist.

The obituary clearly follows the guidelines of a common obituary. The first paragraph states the persons name as well as their age and what they are best known for. The second paragraph promptly follows up with the cause of death, in this case pancreatic cancer (which is properly attributed and sourced to his friend.)

The piece also features the claim to fame. It goes rather in depth into what he did in life and how he achieved it. Following this section it provides a chronology of Pran's life.

The end of the article focuses mainly on his family life, which is common in most obituaries.


TSA to change procedures on piercings

The Transportation Security Administration is changing it's procedures concerning body piercing after an incident this week involving a woman and her nipple piercing.

Mandi Hamlin, 37, was boarding a flight in Texas when a security officials wand detected the metal in her nipple piercings. Hamlin had asked if she could expose herself to officials in private to illustrate that she in fact had piercings, but officials requested that she remove them.

The removal process was difficult and in fact caused physical discomfort to the woman.

In a statement released by the TSA officals said, ""We appreciate her raising awareness on this issue and we are changing the procedures to ensure that this does not happen again."

The new TSA guidlines will feature procedures that allow a passenger to select whether or not they remove a body piercing or expose it to a TSA official in private.



Guthrie architect wins highest honor

The French architect who designed the new Guthrie Theater has won the highest honor awarded in his profession, reports Minnesota Public Radio.

Jean Nouvel, 62, was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize Sunday in Los Angeles. Along with the bragging rights, Nouvel will receive 100-thousand dollar grant as well as a bronze medallion.

Past winners of the award include Frank Gehry and I.M. Pei.

Nouvel's design the the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, which opened in 2006, was a major factor in Nouvel's receiving of the honor. The Theater was welcomed with worldwide acclaim from the architectural community.



Suspect in custody after high speed chase

MINNEAPOLIS - A man accused of robbing a bank early Friday was arrested after a high speed chase and gun fight in the streets of northwestern suburbs, reports the Star Tribune.

The suspect had reached speeds of nearly 100 miles-per-hour before crashing his car. The supsect was shot by police and taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The chase involved several towns police forces, including Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove.

The man is suspected of robbing the TCF Bank in St. Louis Park on March 13.


March 30, 2008

EU warns Italy of tainted Mozzarella

The Europeans Union has expressed concern that Italy has not done enough to contain the recent food scare involving Mozzarella cheese, reported the BBC Thursday.

The cheese was found to have high levels of the substance Dioxin, which has been known to cause certain cancers. The scare has prompted many countries, including Japan and France to ban the import or sales of the certain products.

Officials in Italy have claimed to traced the cheeses back to their origins and destroyed the tainted milk used. However, members of the EU have stated that was not enough and wanted Italy to take further actions. If action is not taken to the EU's satisfaction, they may impose a ban on exporting the dairy products.




March 17, 2008

Man robs St. Louis Park Bank

A masked man robbed a TCF bank early Thursday morning, reports the Star Tribune; police believe that this may be the second time he's robbed this specific bank.

Around 6:45 in the morning the suspect threw a large piece of asphalt into the banks front door, and gained entrance. The man then moved to a back room and, at gunpoint, forced employees to put the money into bags.

This same bank was robbed February 1 and police believe it was the same person. Authorities are also looking at the suspect in regards to two other robberies.

Police are asking that anyone with information contact the FBI.



March 15, 2008

Massive explosion rocks Albania

TIRANA, Albania - An explosion Saturday at an Albanian arms depot left left at least four people dead and 200 injured, reports the BBC.

Although the official cause is unknown, it is reported that there were several specialists working on dismantling obsolete munitions. Officials do not suspect this was an act of terrorism.

Many of the victims, it is reported, are children and authorities fear that the death toll will likely rise in the time to come.

The explosion occurred near the Albanian capital of Tirana, which was able to feel the shock of the blast. Officials say that homes near the explosion sight were completely destroyed.

The blast could be heard nearly 30 miles away, causing surrounding villages to evacuate. The explosion also caused 30 minute delays at the Mother Teresa Tirana International Airport.



Manhattan crane falls, killing 2

A construction crane collapsed Sunday in Midtown Manhattan, demolishing a building and killing two people, the New York Times reports.

According to witnesses the crane, which was about 15 stories tall fell across a street where it collided with a building Sunday afternoon. Official said that rescue efforts were underway and confirmed that there were injuries as well as two fatalities.

The sight of the accident was on 51st. street near 2nd avenue. The crane had been in place to assist construction on the building across the street.

The Associated Press reports that witnesses have commented on there being a strong smell of gas throughout the area.



March 10, 2008

Solution sought in Florida Michigan primary issue

With the race for the Democratic nomination in a dead heat, some are seeking a solution that would allow Florida and Michigan, whose delegates were barred from the convention, to count in the primary, reports CNN.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, has said that one possibility is to have mail in ballots.

One of the largest factors facing the "do-overs" is the financial aspects. Neither states nor the DNC is willing to shell out the cash for a second election, which has brought the concept to a stand still.

The two states were barred from the convention when they held their primary elections too early in the season.



March 9, 2008


The advance article I'll be analyzing is an advance of the upcoming Batman movie "The Dark Knight." The article I believe is an advance but it also feels like a feature.

The main angle of the story is the the emotion that has gone into the production including the death of one of the main stars of the film.

The writer interweaves what is going on set and uses it as a sort of allegory for the the emotional state of the cast and crew. This is an incredibly in-depth article as many of the sources are the director as well as the cast itself. Sources that only someone like the New York Times could get.


Australian icon's grave site 'discovered'

MELBOURNE, Australia - Archaeologists believe they have found the burial site of the infamous Australian bank robber Ned Kelly, reports the BBC.

The site was discovered on the spot where Pentridge Prison once stood. It was apparently a mass grave of 32 individual who were hung at the prison.

Scientists will be conducting forensic tests on the bodies to determine whether or not the remains are in fact that of folk legend.

Ned Kelly rose to fame in the late 19th century as a bank robber. His most notorious act was also his final stand with police, when he assembled his own suit of armor and shot it out with police. Kelly was shot 20 times but survived. He was hung in 1880 for killing three police officers.



Woman found in ice packed container

NEWPORT BEACH, California - A woman was found by police in a Rubbermaid container packed with dry ice during a routine drug raid at a California hotel, reports the Associated Press Thursday.

Monique Felicia Trepp, 33, was found fully clothed in the container in what authorities say does not appear to be a homicide.

Police were called to the Fairmont Newport Beach hotel Thursday evening to arrest 46-year-old Stephen David Royds on drug charges. Royds has not been charged in Trepp's death.

Trepp had several outstanding warrants for drug charges in Colorado. The charges stem from an arrest in 2005 in which she was bailed out by what her attorney called a significantly older man. That was the last time Trepp was in a court room.


Bars find loophole in smoking ban

Minnesota bars have found a loophole in the states ban on smoking through "theater nights," reports Minnesota Public Radio.

The ban, put into place in 2007, legally bans smoking from bars and restaurants but allows it for theatrical productions. This is where bar owners have found their loophole. Owners have declared that their bars are in fact theaters and the employees as well as the patrons are the actors.

This loophole has many at the department of health fuming. Officials say they will be taking measures to ensure that bars start following the law despite the newly found loophole.

Bars that violate the ban could face a $10,000 fine or lose their licenses.



March 8, 2008

Stabbing death in North Minneapolis

KARE 11 reports that a man has been arrested and charged in the stabbing death of another man, he what he claims was self defense.

Police were called to the Lowry Towers apartment complex late Thursday night by Opele Onyongo Oboya, claiming that he had just been in an altercation with another man and that he had injured him.

When authorities arrived they found the victim, Luanyo Alomo Duangi, dead from a stab wound. Oboya, whose hands were covered with blood confessed to stabbing the man, claiming that Duangi was trying to fight him.

Oboya was charged with murder in the second degree and is being held in custody with a $500,000 bail.

This is the sixth homicide of the year in Minneapolis.



March 3, 2008

Man to serve 90 days in underage drinking death

An Excelsior man will serve 90 days in jail for serving alcohol to a 19-year-old man, who later died as a result of it last year, reports MPR.

Joshua Julien, plead guilty to the felony charges and was sentenced on Friday. Last year served alcohol to Sean Humphrey, 19, at a Chaska house party. Humphrey later left the party, intoxicated, and fell onto the curb. Humphrey was knocked unconscious and later found frozen to death. Officals listed the cause of death as hypothermia and acute intoxication.

In an interview with KSTP Sean's father, Bob Humphrey, said that he forgives those involved in his sons death and he hopes that others may learn from such a tragedy. "They need to be aware of what tolerance is, need to be aware of the safety factor." He said.



1 weekend, 3 murders

Three people were murdered in separate incidents in the metro, between Saturday and Sunday, as reported by KARE 11. Two were killed on Saturday afternoon and one early Sunday morning

A boy in his mid-teens was shot to death Saturday afternoon near the corner of East Lake Street and Portland Avenue South, then about four hours later an 18-year old man, identified as Gustavo Ortega was gunned down in a drive by shooting in Richfield. Police are looking into whether or not these two shootings were related.

In addition to the two male victims, Minneapolis police are investigating the murder of a 40-year-old mother who was shot in her home early Sunday morning. Another woman was injured in the incident but not seriously.

KSTP reports that police arrested Nidjia Dean Nicks, 28, later that day. Charges were expected to be filed Monday.



Home searched in ricin case

RIVERTON, Utah - FBI agents searched the suburban home Sunday, of a man who fell ill in the Las Vegas motel room where the poison ricin was found earlier this week, CNN reports.

The home's owner, Roger Von Bergendorff, has been hospitalized since February 14, when he was discovered unconscious in his hotel room.

Police believe they had recovered all the vials of the poison in the hotel room but didn't want to "take any precautions." Officials evacuated neighbors homes as well, as an extra precaution.