April 14, 2008

Pope to visit White House

For the second time in history a Pope will be visiting the White House in Washington D.C., reports CNN.

Pope Benedict XVI will be a guest of President Bush's while on his visit to the U.S. this week. The first, and only other time a Pope was a White House guest was in 1979 when John Paul II visited then President Jimmy Carter.

The White House is expecting large crowds, around 12,000 when the Pope visits on Wednesday. This is a larger crowd than Queen Elizabeth II received on her visit to the White House last Spring.

While on his visit at the White House the Pope will be treated to a large dinner in the East Room.

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March 9, 2008

Woman found in ice packed container

NEWPORT BEACH, California - A woman was found by police in a Rubbermaid container packed with dry ice during a routine drug raid at a California hotel, reports the Associated Press Thursday.

Monique Felicia Trepp, 33, was found fully clothed in the container in what authorities say does not appear to be a homicide.

Police were called to the Fairmont Newport Beach hotel Thursday evening to arrest 46-year-old Stephen David Royds on drug charges. Royds has not been charged in Trepp's death.

Trepp had several outstanding warrants for drug charges in Colorado. The charges stem from an arrest in 2005 in which she was bailed out by what her attorney called a significantly older man. That was the last time Trepp was in a court room.

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February 29, 2008

Fake my ride

MILAN - Italian officials have broken up a counterfeit ring that specialized in imitation Ferrari's, reports the BBC. Those involved allegedly assembled the imitation sports car while using more inexpensive automobiles such as Pontiac's, and Toyota's, then the cars would be sold on the internet for around $30,000, a mere fraction of the actual cost.

Police say that the buyers of the fakes were fully aware of that they were buying counterfeit cars, but wanted to purchase the Italian status symbol at a greatly reduced cost.

There have been 15 arrests made so far in the case, as well as 21 cars confiscated. All the arrests made were said to be of experienced mechanics.

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February 18, 2008

Japan's Crown Prince told to visit parents more often

Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito has been told by The Grand Steward of the Imperial Household Agency to visit the emperor and empress of Japan more often, the BBC reports.

Shingo Haketa called a rare news conference Wednesday to urge Crown Prince Naruhito to make more time for his parents. The emperor has made several statements expressing that he and the empress haven't had many opportunities to spend with his granddaughter, Princess Aiko.

Naruhito's wife, Princess Masako, has apparently been suffering from a mental illness that has kept her from making public appearances. The illness is allegedly caused by the strains that imperial life has cause the 44-year-old, reports Reuters.

The Crown Prince and Princess have yet respond to The Grand Stewards statement.

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February 10, 2008

Picasso paintings stolen

The BBC reports that two works by Pablo Picasso were stolen Wednesday from a gallery in Switzerland. "Horse's Head" as well as "Glass and Pitcher" were apparently taken shortly after the art gallery had closed.

Police are looking into whether or not the thieve hid out in the gallery once it closed and made off with the paintings then.

The paintings which were estimated at about 4.5 million dollars, were part of an exhibition which featured 20 original paintings. This is the second heist of Picasso's work with in two months. In December of 2007 two paintings were taken from the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Those works were later recovered in January.

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February 3, 2008

Aborigines To Receive Apology From Australian Governement

When the Australian legislature convenes on February 13, their first first order of business will be to issue an official apology the Aboriginal people, reports the BBC. The apology will be aimed at what's called the "Stolen Generation," referring to the time from 1915 - 1969 when children of Aborigines were taken from their families and placed into white foster homes of state run institutions as a means of assimilation.

The apology comes as on the heals of a major victory for the Australian labor party and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who won recent elections and ousted former Prime Minister John Howard. Howard was and still is a stanuch opponent to the apology, he was recently quoted in the New York Times saying, "“There are millions of Australians who will never entertain an apology because they don’t believe that there is anything to apologize for. They are sorry for past mistreatment, but that is different from assuming responsibility for it.?

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