April 13, 2008

Iran postpones nuclear talks

Iran has postponed talks with the United Nations nuclear watchdog group, reports the BBC on Sunday.

The meetings between Gholamreza Aghazadeh, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator and the head of the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency, headed up by Mohamed ElBaradei, were supposed to take place Monday in Vienna.

No reason was given by IRNA, which is Iran's official news agency.

The talks were about the U.N.'s concerns over Iran's uranium enrichment programs, which according to Reuters, was announced this week to be expanding.

The United Nations and many western countries in general are concerned that Iran may be pursuing the technology to create nuclear weapons.

Meetings between the IAEA and Iran have not yet been rescheduled.

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March 30, 2008

EU warns Italy of tainted Mozzarella

The Europeans Union has expressed concern that Italy has not done enough to contain the recent food scare involving Mozzarella cheese, reported the BBC Thursday.

The cheese was found to have high levels of the substance Dioxin, which has been known to cause certain cancers. The scare has prompted many countries, including Japan and France to ban the import or sales of the certain products.

Officials in Italy have claimed to traced the cheeses back to their origins and destroyed the tainted milk used. However, members of the EU have stated that was not enough and wanted Italy to take further actions. If action is not taken to the EU's satisfaction, they may impose a ban on exporting the dairy products.

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March 15, 2008

Massive explosion rocks Albania

TIRANA, Albania - An explosion Saturday at an Albanian arms depot left left at least four people dead and 200 injured, reports the BBC.

Although the official cause is unknown, it is reported that there were several specialists working on dismantling obsolete munitions. Officials do not suspect this was an act of terrorism.

Many of the victims, it is reported, are children and authorities fear that the death toll will likely rise in the time to come.

The explosion occurred near the Albanian capital of Tirana, which was able to feel the shock of the blast. Officials say that homes near the explosion sight were completely destroyed.

The blast could be heard nearly 30 miles away, causing surrounding villages to evacuate. The explosion also caused 30 minute delays at the Mother Teresa Tirana International Airport.

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March 9, 2008

Australian icon's grave site 'discovered'

MELBOURNE, Australia - Archaeologists believe they have found the burial site of the infamous Australian bank robber Ned Kelly, reports the BBC.

The site was discovered on the spot where Pentridge Prison once stood. It was apparently a mass grave of 32 individual who were hung at the prison.

Scientists will be conducting forensic tests on the bodies to determine whether or not the remains are in fact that of folk legend.

Ned Kelly rose to fame in the late 19th century as a bank robber. His most notorious act was also his final stand with police, when he assembled his own suit of armor and shot it out with police. Kelly was shot 20 times but survived. He was hung in 1880 for killing three police officers.

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February 29, 2008

Prince Harry pulled from Afghanistan

LONDON - England's Prince Harry will be pulled from battle in Afghanistan following concerns over the 23-year-old Royal's safety, reports CNN.

Prince Harry has been serving in Afghanistan for the past 10-weeks, media outlets have been tight lipped about the details up until details on the Prince's military duties were revealed on the U.S. website "The Drudge report."

Military officials had feared that if details of the Prince's tour were revealed he could become a target for the Taliban and other terrorist organizations in the area.

Prince Harry, who is third in line to the thrown of England, has been receiving positive reviews from his commanding officers. "He has been fully involved in operations and has run the same risks as everyone else in his battle group. In common with all of his generation in the army today, he is a credit to the nation," said Gen. Richard Dannatt.

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February 24, 2008

Russia may use force in Kosovo

The the wake of Kosovo's declaration of independence, Russia has warned it may be forced to take military action if NATO forces, along with the EU exceed the mandate set by the UN.

The Russian government feels that there is no legal basis for NATO forces to be involved in the conflict.

Kosovo declared it's independence from Serbia on February 17, sparking widespread violence.

Several EU nations have accepted Kosovo's newly declared independence, however, several countries are still strongly opposed, Russia included among them.

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February 16, 2008

Former Nazi guard begins life sentence

Canadian officals handed over a former Nazi SS-guard to Italian police Friday, to begin serving a life sentence for absentia and war crimes, reports the BBC.

Michael Seifert, 83, who worked as a guard at a Nazi prison camp in the northern city of Bolzano during WWII was convicted by an Italian military tribunal in 2000. Seifert made several attempts to prevent extradition to Italy, but last month Canada's Supreme Court refused to hear his case and his extradition was made official.

Seifert fled to Canada after the war in 1951 where he attempted to create a new life and hide from his past crimes. Nicknamed by the public as the "Beast of Bolzano" Seifert was accused of many heinous crimes, including allowing prisoners to starve to death, as well as raping and murdering a pregnant woman.

However, due to the 83-year-olds failing health, he currently has a pacemaker, he may be able to serve out the remainder of his term under house arrest.

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February 8, 2008

Russia says it will retaliate amid claims of new arms race

The BBC reports that in a speech Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke of Russia's goals for the future amid growing concern of a new arms race. Moscow feels that its concerns on security have been ignored by Western countries and NATO and will have to pursue new military technologies to keep up.

"In effect, we are forced to retaliate...Russia has and always will have a response to these new challenges," Putin said, as quoted by Reuters.

Russia's main concern is with the United States' missile defense shield which will soon be included in Central European countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

In response Russia has began to strengthening its military force and has resumed naval exercises in such areas as the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. In his speech, Putin also made reference to developing new nuclear-capable missiles.

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February 1, 2008

Trash Plagued Naples Now Faces Legal Action

The BBC reported Thursday that the European Union has given Italy a one month deadline to correct the growing waste management crisis in the city of Naples or face legal action. Piles of trash have been growing in the streets over the last few weeks, causing major health concerns from Naples residents as well as the residents of the southern Italian region of Campania.

“The situation in Campania is intolerable, and I fully understand the frustrations of residents who fear for their health,? said Stavros Dimas, European environment commissioner.

The European Union issued a warning to Italy that either they find a solution to the crisis within a month or they'll face legal action, in coordination with EU waste laws. The warning sent to Rome this week is the third such warning that Rome has received, the first being in June 2007, and a second later that year in October.

The New York Times estimates some 250,000 tons of trash has piled up on the streets of Naples since collectors stopped routine pick ups.

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