April 13, 2008

American Airlines returns to business as usual

Following a week in which over 3,000 flights were canceled, American Airlines is returning to it's normal routine, reports CNN.

American Airlines canceled almost 3,300 flights this week to hold inspections to ensure that the planes met with FAA standards and safety regulations.

The cancellations began on Tuesday with 300 of American's jets being grounded for inspection regarding wire bundles. The bundles needed to be wrapped so to bee the FAA's safety requirements and prevent potential fires on board the aircraft.

Two weeks ago American Airlines had to cancel 400 flights for repair work.

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March 31, 2008

TSA to change procedures on piercings

The Transportation Security Administration is changing it's procedures concerning body piercing after an incident this week involving a woman and her nipple piercing.

Mandi Hamlin, 37, was boarding a flight in Texas when a security officials wand detected the metal in her nipple piercings. Hamlin had asked if she could expose herself to officials in private to illustrate that she in fact had piercings, but officials requested that she remove them.

The removal process was difficult and in fact caused physical discomfort to the woman.

In a statement released by the TSA officals said, ""We appreciate her raising awareness on this issue and we are changing the procedures to ensure that this does not happen again."

The new TSA guidlines will feature procedures that allow a passenger to select whether or not they remove a body piercing or expose it to a TSA official in private.

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March 15, 2008

Manhattan crane falls, killing 2

A construction crane collapsed Sunday in Midtown Manhattan, demolishing a building and killing two people, the New York Times reports.

According to witnesses the crane, which was about 15 stories tall fell across a street where it collided with a building Sunday afternoon. Official said that rescue efforts were underway and confirmed that there were injuries as well as two fatalities.

The sight of the accident was on 51st. street near 2nd avenue. The crane had been in place to assist construction on the building across the street.

The Associated Press reports that witnesses have commented on there being a strong smell of gas throughout the area.

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March 10, 2008

Solution sought in Florida Michigan primary issue

With the race for the Democratic nomination in a dead heat, some are seeking a solution that would allow Florida and Michigan, whose delegates were barred from the convention, to count in the primary, reports CNN.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, has said that one possibility is to have mail in ballots.

One of the largest factors facing the "do-overs" is the financial aspects. Neither states nor the DNC is willing to shell out the cash for a second election, which has brought the concept to a stand still.

The two states were barred from the convention when they held their primary elections too early in the season.

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March 3, 2008

Home searched in ricin case

RIVERTON, Utah - FBI agents searched the suburban home Sunday, of a man who fell ill in the Las Vegas motel room where the poison ricin was found earlier this week, CNN reports.

The home's owner, Roger Von Bergendorff, has been hospitalized since February 14, when he was discovered unconscious in his hotel room.

Police believe they had recovered all the vials of the poison in the hotel room but didn't want to "take any precautions." Officials evacuated neighbors homes as well, as an extra precaution.

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February 24, 2008

Students murder labeled a hate crime

OXNARD, Calif - The murder of a 15-year-old California boy is now being called a hate crime by prosecutors, reports the New York Times.

Lawrence King was shot dead Tuesday in the computer lab at his Oxnard junior high school. The alleged shooter, Brandon McInerney, 14, is one of King's classmates. McInerney has formally been charged with murder as a premeditated hate crime and gun possession. If convicted he could face anywhere from 52 years to life in prison.

Authorities say that King had, in recent weeks, come out as homosexual and faced criticism and bullying by other students. Authorities have not released information yet as to why they labeled the act as a hate crime.

CNN reports that the shooting took place towards the beginning of the school day and that the school had been locked down after the shooting.

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February 16, 2008

7 spectators killed at illegal drag race

Seven people were killed early Saturday morning when they were struck by a car that was apparently involved in an illegal road race in suburban Maryland, reports the New York Times.

The crowd had assembled to watch the race but one of the cars, a white sedan, spun out of the control and collided with the crowded, killing 7 and injuring 4. The condition of the 4 injured was not immediately known.

ABC news also reports that a tractor trailer may also have hit one of the pedestrians while trying to avoid the accident.

''There were just bodies everywhere; it was horrible,'' said eyewitness Crystal Gaines, whose father was among the dead.

Police have declared the crime scene to be about 200 yards long, with bodies laying out on the road as well as the shoulder.

The spot on Route 210 in Accokeek is notorious when it comes to road racing. The smoothness of the road and long straightaways make it ideal for racing. However, most races involve motorcycles and police say they haven't had a big issues with cars racing in the area.

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February 10, 2008

Deal reached in writers strike

The New York Times reported Saturday that a tentative deal has been reached between striking members of the Writers Guild have reached a tentative deal with production companies, that could be the end of a three month walkout which has halted production on numerous television shows and movies.

The new deal, which could allow writers to return to work as soon as Monday, gives writers a percentage of the profits made by online and other new media products. According to Variety, members of the WGA are expected to vote on the new contract Sunday.

If the members agree on these terms it would bring a great relief to production companies and the Entertainment industry in general. It would also rescue the Academy Awards Ceremony from the same fate that the Golden Globes experienced earlier in the year.

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January 30, 2008

Win in Florida Gives McCain Front-Runner Status

Arizona Sen. John McCain was announced as the winner of the Florida Republican Primary Tuesday evening, by the New York Times. Beating out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 36 percent to 31 percent.

The Florida primary was also a crucial defeat to the other candidates, but especially to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who's future as a presidential hopeful is now in serious jeopardy. Giuliani has yet to win a primary election and had put a lot of his efforts into winning Florida.

The win in Florida has made McCain the clear front-runner in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. The Senator currently sits with 89 of the 1,191 delegates needed to win the nomination. His closest rival, Gov. Romney currently has 27 delegates.

"My friends, in one week we will have as close to a national primary as we've ever had in this country. I intend to win it and be the nominee of our party." McCain was quoted by CNN, a clear sign that the 71 year old has no plans of slowing his campaign down.

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