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From the Extension 2.0 course website: "[Wikis] are web pages written collaboratively online by contributors, who are often their readers." The most famous, of course, is Wkipedia. I can certainly see the benefit of building a "Publicvaluewiki" to archive best practices in adopting the public value approach for Extension programs. I am eager to collect ideas and learnings from Extension colleagues across the country. But, I would like to have a single source for that collected knowledge--preferably this blog. If we have the blog and a Wiki separate locations, I doubt we will be able to draw people's attention to both resources. Is it possible to embed a wiki in a blog?


I think a wiki might be useful to simplify resources, with a blog, people need to read many posts to get the whole picture. You could link to your wiki by adding the link to your "blogroll" on Movable Type. Then it will show up on your navigation of the blog. Thanks for completing week 6!

You can't really embed a wiki in a blog but a wiki would be a great, and different, way to engage your colleagues and target audience.

Wikis and blogs differ in a few important ways: Blog entries have a shorter shelf-life than wikis, and wikis are more decentralized.

Even with lots of commenters, blogs are still focused around the blogger, who is the organizer and primary (only) contributor of post content.

Wikis on the other hand encourage everyone reading to add their thoughts. Authorship is less obvious (though easily determined in the wiki's revision history) and what is built is less "content and reaction" and more a community generated knowledge base.

Knowing (admittedly) little about your program, I would think a wiki might be a better platform than a blog to gather and archive, all in one place, your readers' ideas for how to build public value. In a blog, their ideas would be spread out as comments on lots of different posts. In a wiki, they'd all be together on one page.

I'm sure Amy has shown you other great examples, but one good example of an "ideas" wiki relevant to Extension is at http://tinyurl.com/5qwe85.

Thanks for your thoughts, Eli. I have to admit that starting and adding onto a blog has been so easy, that I am already partial to this medium. But, I need to think about what approach will be of the most use to the people who need to learn about my program, and especially those who use my curriculum.