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Public Value presentation at Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Conference

I am leading a session at the 2008 conference of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, October 3, 2008, in St. Paul, MN. Conference details are here. Below is a description of the session. If you're attending the conference, consider joining our session!

Making the Case: Articulating the Common Good in Public and Nonprofit Programs

To demonstrate accountability and attract scarce funding, nonprofit and government leaders need to show the far-reaching benefits of their programs. Therefore learning how to communicate a program’s public value – the benefit the community receives apart from the benefit participants receive – is a powerful tool. Designed to meet the needs of both government and nonprofit leaders, this session will help you learn how to define, describe and articulate the public value of your programs. Learn how to walk through questions designed to undercover public value, distill the answers into a succinct message and dig deeper to find the research to support it. In the end, you’ll discover how to effectively communicate to policymakers and the public how your programs contribute to the common good.