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Evidence Based Living Blog from Cornell

Looking for ways to support your public value message? Spend some time exploring the Evidence Based Living Blog, written by Cornell Cooperative Extension's Karl Pillemer, Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach, and Rhoda Meador, Associate Director of Outreach and Extension in the College of Human Ecology as well as the Associate Director of the Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center. Cornell.jpgThe blog highlights research on the outcomes arising from all kinds of programs and interventions, particularly in the areas of youth development and health and wellness.As the authors say, "The blog is based on one key principle: Now more than ever, people need help separating the good scientific information from the bad. We are all about assessing the scientific evidence on human problems and looking at how to use it every day." Does that sound familiar? Does your extension program make an effort to "separate the good scientific information from the bad"?

Consider adding the Evidence Based Living Blog to your blog reader, so you can see when the authors post about the latest research or media stories on youth behavior and health. Take a stroll through the archives and read the discussions and evidence assembled therein. You may come across ideas for new research projects or findings that you can use to make the case for your own programs. If you find something that you find useful, go ahead and share that in a comment on the Cornell blog or here.