February 28, 2011

Workshop at the 2011 NACDEP Conference

If you are attending the 2011 NACDEP Conference next week in Charleston, SC, consider participating in the mini "Building Extension's Public Value" workshop that I will teach Tuesday, March 8, 11:00-12:30. We won't have enough time to do a full workshop or cover all of the learning modules, but it will be a good opportunity to get a introductory "taste" of BEPV training.

October 9, 2009

2008 NACDEP Award

Last September, at the Galaxy III conference in Indianapolis, I was very pleased and honored to receive NACDEP's Individual Award for Excellence in Community Development Programming for the "Public Value of Public Programs" workshop. Unfamiliar with NACDEP, the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals? You shouldn't be! Check out the NACDEP website.