April 28, 2007

Local Bus Victim's Funeral Disrupted

A funeral being held for a 16-year-old boy was disrupted Friday, when a feud possibly related to the murder carried over into his funeral causing it to be canceled. According to The Star Tribune, the church service was canceled from fear of more violence and move to a later time.

WCCO is reporting more then 200 people showed up for Earl Freeman's funeral service.

According to KARE 11, the family of the 17-year-old being charged with Freeman's murder is claiming he is innocent.

Majerus named Head Basketball Coach at St. Louis

Former Utah coach Rick Majerus was named the head basketball coach at the University of St. Louis on Friday. ESPN.com is reporting the contract will be somewhere around 5-years with a salary of about $1 million per year.

According to The Associated Press, Majerus will be named head coach at news conference on Monday.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting Majerus was the only person contacted about the coaching vacancy by the university.

Alleged Drunk Driver rear-ends St. Paul Mayor

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman was rear-ended Thursday night in St. Paul by a 22-year-old pre-law student who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The Star Tribune is reporting Abbie Raymond was booked into Ramsey County Jail after the accident took place.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, there was no injuries and minimal damage to the two vehicles, police said.

The Associated Press is reporting Coleman and his police driver were the only two in the car at the time of the accident.

April 27, 2007

Ex-Prime Minister of Italy Cleared of Charges

The former prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi was cleared of bribery allegations from the late 1980s, stating he bribed a judge to stop the sale of the food group, SME to a rival business. CNN.com is reporting Berlusconi was quite enthusiastic after the hearing.

According to BBC News, the judge ruled the crime for which Berlusconi was being charged never existed.

Sky News is reporting the law that ruled Berlusconi could not be retried, was ruled unconstitutional allowing the trial to take place.

MIT Dean of Admissions Resigns

The Dean of Admissions at MIT resigned Thursday after the university found out she lied about her credentials. According to The Associated Press, Marilee Jones stated on her resume she recieved degrees from three schools, but now it has been discovered she might not have even graduated from college.

According to The New York Times, the university recieved information about Jones's credentials and decided to look further into these details about her academic credentials.

CNN.com is reporting Stuart Schmill, the senior associate director at M.I.T., was named the interim-dean.

April 21, 2007

Metcalf Junior High School Back to Normal after Scare

Metcalf Junior High School in Burnsville went into lockdown mode at 10:30 on Friday when an unspent cartridge was found on a floor in the school. According to Fox 9, Eagan police searched the entire building and found nothing.

KSTP is reporting the students stayed in rooms with the doors shut while police searched the school.

According to KARE 11, it appears that no threats were made against the school.

April 20, 2007

"Ghost Yacht" Found off the Coast of Australia

A ghost yacht was found with the engine still running off of the coast of Autralia was Friday, and it is now believed the three passengers all fell overboard. According to the Herald Sun, the search effort will still continue Saturday after searching over 700 square nautical miles.

BBC News is reporting the yacht was spotted Wednesday by a helicopter, but was not reached by rescue team until Friday.

According Yachting Monthly, the boat's GPS device was found which may lead to the crew's whereabouts.

St. Paul fire chief moves on to Milwaukee

Former St. Paul fire chief Doug Holton took over the same position Thursday in his hometown of Milwaukee. The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting Holton is not sure when he will begin as chief in Milwaukee, but reports from the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission want him starting his four-year term in the next 45 days.

According to Kare 11, Holton's decision comes after St. Paul's fighterfighters' union vote showed the union had confidence in Holton's leadership ability as fire chief.

The Star Tribune is reporting Holton beat out four other candidates for the fire chief position in Milwaukee.

Country Mourns for Victims at Virgina Tech

A day of mourning took place Friday in the state of Virginia after Cho Seung-Hui took 32 Virginia Tech's students' lives, and a faculty member's life as well this past Monday. According to The New York Times, the Governor declared Friday an official day of mourning and vigils will be held across the state in different forms.

According to CNN.com, students gathered around a memorial on the Virginia Tech Drill Field to honor the victims.

BBC News is reporting the police are getting closer to determining the reason why Cho Seung-Hui opened fire on his classmates.

Oden Enters Draft

Ohio State's Greg Oden announced he will end his college basketball career when he said Friday he will hire an agent and enter the NBA draft. According to ESPN.com, Oden is figured to be one of the top two picks in the draft.

FOXSports.com is reporting Oden will be joined in the draft by fellow Ohio State freshmen Mike Conley Jr. and Daequan Cook, Conley Jr. and Cook will reportly not hire agents leaving the option for Conley Jr. and Cook to return to school.

According to the Associated Press, Oden is expected to hire Mike Conley Sr. to be his agent.

April 13, 2007

Star Tribune Publisher Sued by His Former Newspaper

The St. Paul Pioneer Press sued their former publisher on Thursday. According to The St. Paul Pioneer Press, when Par Ridder the current publisher of The Star Tribune left the Pioneer Press he allegedly stole information from them.

The Star Tribune is reporting Ridder is accused of taking private budget and advertising information from The St. Paul Pioneer Press when he left.

According to The Associated Press, the lawsuit is requesting Ridder be suspended for a year from the newspaper.

8 Killed in Iraqi Explosion

8 people were killed Thursday after a suicide attack in the Iraqi Parliament Building's cafeteria. CNN is reporting after the attack was over, more explosives were later found in the building that had not been detonated.

According the The New York Times, several recent bombings have caused local people questioning the goverment's ability to protect them.

BBC News is reporting 23 people people were also injured in the explosion.

Afterthoughts of the estimated 70 Car Crash in Hopkins

A 70 car pile up happened on Highway 169 Wednesday night, and two people were injured in the crash. KARE 11 is reporting two people who were seriously injured in the crash had gotten out of their cars and tried to direct traffic.

According to The Star Tribune, traffic was running smoothly again on Thursday morning.

KSTP is reporting Melanie Thompson and Leonard Taylor were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center following the crash.

Imus Fired AFter Racial Comments

Disc jockey Don Imus was fired Thursday from the CBS radio network after making racial comments regarding the Rutgers women's basketball team last week. According to The Associated Press, CBS decided to remove Imus' radio show from the air Thursday, following the removal of his show from MSNBC on Wednesday.

CNN is reporting 8 companies removed their ads from Imus's show including General Motors and American Express.

According to BBC News, the head of CBS met with civil rights activist who insisted that the network remove Imus from his position.

Ohio Man Connected to Al Queda

An Ohio man was charged Wednesday with allegedly providing materials to members of Al Queda and plotting to help out in bombings in the U.S. and Europe.

CNN is reporting Christopher Paul trained in an Al Queda camp in the early 90s before joining the group in 1991.

According to BBC News, Paul has not spoken about the charges, but will be in court on Thursday in Columbus, Ohio.

The Associated Press is reporting no charges will be pressed against Paul's family members, authorities said.