I was forced into creativity by the fact that this is the kitchen in my tiny studio apartment.


If it wasn't bad enough, that fridge doesn't even work. It's a large and unwieldy cabinet and I have another equally small fridge in the corner.

I named my cookies "plookies" because they are pan cookies. The first one's also had plum, and thus the name sort of made sense at that point. My first set of cookie iterations went much better than the second. But that's okay!

Plookie 1.0

This was the most delicious cookie I made.
1 c ground almonds
1/2 c sugar
2 eggs
1/2 c chocolate flavored whey protein
dash of salt
1/4 c of milk (this made it too watery)

Mix, then cook in covered nonstick pan at low heat.






Now, we make plum sauce!

Cook 4 large plums with a dash of sugar at low heat. For more effective cooking make sure to cut them up finely. I didn't do this and it took forever.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3, finished! Took about an hour.

Now put the plum sauce on the cookies. Add a few drops of lemon juice to each cookie for a bit of zing.

Then temper* chocolate using a double boiler and cover the cookies. I used a regular bag of chocolate chips and had some left over.

My makeshift double boiler... worked surprisingly well.

Then cover the cookies in chocolate! I'm not sure the best way to do this, mine ended up with too thick a chocolate layer... but they were delicious.


Wait until the chocolate is dry, then refrigerate. If you have a large enough fridge, you can cool the chocolate there.

*look up how to properly temper chocolate. I sort of followed the directions and it worked out fine. Chocolate is very easy to burn, so be careful!

Plookie 1.1

Nearly the same as cookie one with a tablespoon of instant coffee mixed the dough in. Tasted about the same.

Plookie 1.2

Take the cookie dough and add chocolate chips! Pretty tasty! No jam or chocolate coating on this one. I cooked these with adding a tablespoon of water into the pan to make it steamer. This made them have a little more volume.



Plookie 2.0

Plookie 2.0 was supposed to be a variation with strawberry filling. I cooked down some strawberries:


However, when they finished, they smelled bad and tasted weird. I tried adding sugar, but couldn't help them.

So I gave up on the strawberries. I looked around my kitchen and found apples instead.

My recipe went like this:

1 c ground almonds (same as before)
1/2 c whey protein powder
1/2 brown sugar **
3 eggs **
1/4 c greek yogurt**
1/2 oats **
dash of salt


Cook on low in covered pan for about 20-30 minutes, flipping once.

For the first cookie, I added apple chunks to it. The apple chunks were good, but the rest of the cookie was too dry.

**all ingredients varied from last time. These allowed the cookie to be less flat and more rounded. It was also less pan friendly.

Plookie 2.1

Add 1 c of pureed apples (honey crisp) to make the cookie less dry.


Still missing something.

Plookie 2.2

Add some chopped almonds, about 1 c

Almost, but needs something more.

Plookie 2.3

Add chopped apples (honey crisp)

This one tastes pretty good.

Plookie 2.4

Try while eating with some chocolate on top. Doesn't taste great.

Final cookie is Plookie 2.3



Notes on creative process:

Right away I knew that without an oven I would have to use a stovetop or toaster. A toaster seemed less manageable, so I decided stovetop. I covered the pan to make a more "oven" like environment.

Flavor brainstorm: coffee, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, orange, spicy, yogurt, creamy, almond, pomegranate, hazelnut, nutella, plums

In order to differentiate from a pancake, my first cookie had a layer idea. The flavors I chose complemented each other really well. I tried to make the bottom crunchy. I based the first cookie on stuff I already had in my kitchen. I didn't have flour which is why I made the ground almond-whey combo. I had in the past made flourless torts using ground almond. The chocolate whey powder was an experiment.

For my next cookie, I added 1 more egg for volume remember that instant brownies could have an extra egg for "cake-like" brownies. I also used greek yogurt instead of milk to make them less watery. I added oats for fun. I switched to brown sugar also just for fun. Then you can see the process of trial and adding things to make the final cookie. The layering idea didn't work with this one because the cookie had too much volume and the chocolate didn't pair well with it.


You did a really great job documenting every step of your process, including all of your ingredients. I like that you named each of your iterations and described what was good and bad with each, it made your process easy to follow.

Your use of images really compliments your writing, and helps the viewer understand your limitations in this assignment.

To improve this, adding more information about your research and brainstorming at the beginning of your post would be helpful. You kind of just added something about it at the end, after the viewer is already through your entire cooking process and has seen the final product.

Overall, good job.

Hello, I liked the fact that your pictures complement what you are writing about and that there are many pictures to help the viewer understand what is going on. I would expand on the ideation process and add it in the beginning, instead of making it a footnote.


First, kudos on the job done in a less than traditional environment. You took on the task with zest as your iterations and documentation show. I applaud the expertise and the enthusiasm shown.

The pictures are helpful and the detail on each attempt is clear. While one can quibble about placement, you did include information on your process in a way that makes association with the earlier text easy.


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