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It's SCAM^2PER^2 time!

I found this assignment surprisingly difficult. I tried to do about 5 ideas per letter in the acronym. Some of the categories had two good ideas while in others I struggled more. I decided to illustrate one idea per category. However, later on some of the ideas reappeared in the matrix or I just illustrated them anyway. My category is "Hot drinks and their containers" which makes it hard to stay on the winter theme.

My problem statements were:

  1. How might we keep a warm drink hotter longer while still being pleasant to drink?
  2. How might we make the task of cleaning tall travel mugs more convenient?
  3. How might we have the convenience of a to-go cup while being environmentally friendly and cost effective?

Most of the solutions were focused on the first one, though some of them looked at some of the other problems.


  • Glass mug option available at coffee shops, either reusable or recyclable.
  • Silicone cap for normal mug
  • Soak bomb- throw into a tall cup for foaming action and easy cleaning (like denture cleaners)
  • Bottle shaped hot drink cup for travel.

heat lid.jpg


  • Tiny travel french press
  • French press in mug insert
  • Cup with a candle in it
  • coffee/tea taste blend
  • Desk lamp with hot plate
  • Mug/teapot shaped sno-globe

hot lamp.jpg


  • Mini-electric mug heater (like an electric heater)
  • Double walled cardboard travel mug
  • wool sock/fleece covering for mug or mug sweaters
  • Tear drop shaped bottle like "Method" bottle in Target
  • Double walled metal cup- like a thermos
  • Double walled tea pot
  • Flask shaped coffee bottle (curved and kept in a pocket)

Electric Mug.jpg


  • Extra long thin sponge
  • Mug shaped umbrella holder
  • Mug or to-go cup shaped lamp and/or vase
  • Add pocket to cup to warm up gloves
  • Teapot shaped fishbowl (with teatime accessories)
  • French press terrarium

Teatime Aquarium.jpg

Put to another use

  • Mugs as pen holders
  • Travel mug "sippy cup" lid, stop spills and is easy to clean
  • Changeable handles for different hand sizes
  • Mug with slot for pen, snack, etc.
  • Mini-teapot drink out of spout

Changeable handles.jpg


  • Mug with insulating grip but no handle
  • Chemex style personal cup
  • Instant coffee pod (individual servings of instant coffe)
  • Flavor pod- favorite flavor shots at home
  • Color change at perfect temp, change when not too hot or too cold.

Flavor Pods.jpg


  • Disposable mugs with tea or coffee pouch built into the bottom

  • Two Handle mug

  • Mug handles on the bottom

  • Double walled filled with ice mug

  • Decorative stickers for mugs, you personalize your mug!

Rocket Mug.jpg


The Matrix

I wasn't really happy with either matrix, so I made two! I also made them more legible than the versions in my notebook. (By the way I can hear you muttering "overachiever", don't think that I can't)

hit matrix.jpg
bamboo cup.jpg

diamond mug.jpg


I modified and redrew some of the best ideas from the brainstorming session.

coffee stein.jpg
car powered.jpg
sodium acetate.jpg


My top ten ideas! Most of these were already in this post, and I have a bit of trouble deciding between a few. These are in no particular order. I wouldn't be surprised if some already exist somewhere on the internet.

Do you agree with my choices? If there are some you would change, let me know in the comments. :)

color change.jpg
sodium acetate.jpg
bamboo cup.jpg
Flavor Pods.jpg
heat lid.jpg
coffee stein.jpg
Electric Mug.jpg
Rocket Mug.jpg

BONUS: I love this idea even though it's the least winter themed. Therefore, it isn't in my top ten, but I wanted to include it again anyway.
Teatime Aquarium.jpg


Thank you for taking a look at my ideas. This assignment took me a really long time. I think sometimes when I'm pressed for time I tend to focus more and complete things faster. However, I had time this weekend, so I just lackadaisically worked on it and took longer than perhaps I should have. Yet, maybe it's good to practice long marathons of creative idea making rather than my normal sprints.

Now it's time for some tea. ^_^


Zophia, I was surprised by the Mug With Handles On the Bottom! That is a novel idea, though oddly familiar. I am not sure what it reminds me of.

I was not familiar with Sodium Acetate. Is that mug a self-heating mug?

The Heat Keep-Lid is great idea. We have some ceramic mugs with silicon lids, but they all came as a package. If there was a lid for common sizes I think that would sell pretty well. It would be useful even just for work or the studio to keep stuff hot, but when you might not need a travel-mug shaped container.

The mug with changeable handles is interesting. I have seen disposable paper mugs with attachable handles, kind of the opposite of what you are proposing. I could see this selling as a way to increase personalization of the objects. Perhaps there is some other element that a person might make their own, like the old picture mugs.

First of all, sorry for the late comment! My grandma doesn't have wifi, so I couldn't submit any comments until now.

Your sketches are excellent - I would suggest adding a little bit more of a description to clarify though, especially for the aquarium teapot one? I also am not familiar with sodium acetate. I think it would be good to give that one a more detailed description as well. The ammonia one was interesting - is there a way to ensure the chemical would not have even a slight chance of leaking out into the coffee? I would see that as a concern for that idea. I think you really have a great topic - I hate it when my coffee gets cold for the last 1/4 of the cup!

I believe the color changing mug already exists - my brother has one. I think it just turns one color for hot and another for cold, but maybe adding a temperature reading on the mug would help? I tend to burn my mouth on hot drinks because I have no idea how hot it is. Adding such a feature to a disposable cup for Starbucks, Caribou, etc. would definitely be a marketable idea.

The double walled coffee flask would be useful and feasible, but probably not novel, as many such items already exist on the market. The heat keep lid is something that could be an awesome idea - any idea on what materials you would use or how it would actually work?

Overall, I think you have some great ideas here. I'm excited to see what your final product will be!

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