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Welcome to my Assignment Two blog post! I'm sure your excitement can barely be contained. Wooo! Blog posts!

Pardon my snark, as the things I watched to prepare were "The Colbert Report" and a youtube vblogger called "danisnotonfire". The vblogger is very sarcastic, and watching him to much has rubbed off on me. In retrospect, I'm not sure these choices were the best for getting in a playful mood. Though they were both a bit absurd, they were both sarcastic and sarcasm is rather critical. It's harder to be playful when there is a sarcastic commentary running through your mind.

Also, a side note, I feel like I'm not very creative in these assignments. It's causing a minor crisis in me. Because normally I think of myself as creative, but then I think my brain goes into PANIC PROVE YOURSELF mode. Which is of course the dark nemesis of creativity. The thing is, my brain didn't do this when I needed to be creative in other projects. But when the objective is to BE CREATIVE I'm like "All my ideas are terrible and I'm not creative at all. Everyone is better than me. Wah."

Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I alone in this? Since three of you are obligated to comment, I expect answers to these questions.

Anyway, I decided to make a awkwardly large mind map.

Here you go:

Mindmap full

I realized too late that I have to somehow get it inside my creativity notebook, which is pocket sized. Oops.

Here are some MindMap Close ups:
Mindmap close up 1

Mindmap close up 2

Mindmap close up 3

The Sub-Themes I chose were:

  • Indoor Winter Activities

  • Warming Devices

  • Winter Travel

In coming up with ideas, I mostly did cross products.

So in doing cross products I thought of things often used for winter travel, like sleds and skis. Then I combined them with other things used for travel, such as boots and cars.

This is my Skiboot. The idea is that the skis are retractable into the boot.

This is my sled car, which in retrospect I realized is like a snowmobile.
Sled Car

I also did cross products with things that were warm. I thought of heated floors and heated blankets and came up with a heated rug.
Heated Rug

I also combined an astronaut suit and heating for my body heat suit. In retrospect, making it look like a polar bear would have been fun and cute. If I have time I'll add that to my post.
Heat Suit

Another product I crossed was an ice scraper with a blowdryer.
Blowdryer Ice scraper

Another Idea I explored was a heated foot bath. I have poor circulation, and so sometimes I dunk my feet in hot water to get them warm. The problem is that the water cools off too quickly.
Heated Foot Bath

I also did some of the association exercises. In this assignment, they didn't help me much, but I think it's because I'm not used to that sort of thinking and didn't practice much.
I started with a fire place:


From that, it got me thinking about armchairs. Which led me to this idea. This was partially inspired by extreme tech chairs I've seen on the internet. I realized the descriptions are kind of hard to read. So the features are a Sun Lamp to stave off seasonal depression. Heated seat and heated foot massage devices. A cup holder for hot beverages that keeps them warm. And then a pouch for books and other stuff, as well as a connected screen.
Winter Chair

I did another association map and came up with an idea that very neatly came from it.
Ice boats are incredibly fast due to the low friction of ice, I thought of them for winter travel and then came up with an extreme sport.
ice windsurfing

My last two ideas also came from travel, but more from the desire not to travel, and indoor activities. They were also related to an idea I saw where people who couldn't be together would have synchronized nightlights that you turned off when you went to sleep. They were shaped like little houses, and you knew that your loved one just went to bed. I thought that was a cool idea and worth expanding in other areas.

The idea is that your coffee maker gets a signal to start making your coffee as the meeting starts. Then you can video chat with them while enjoying a hot beverage. You can connect with something physical while also doing something digital.
Virtual Coffee Meeting

My last idea was also an interactive digital analog hybrid. The idea is two chess boards connected over the internet. When one player moves their piece, the chess pieces on the other player's board move automatically. This idea crossed games with distance and being unable to travel.
long distance chess

I realized some of my images are in portrait orientation and thus are not wide enough. Unfortunately, in a long series of mis-events this morning, my laptop battery died before I could re-size the portrait orientation images and I had to finish the entry from a public library computer. Though to be honest, they would be awkwardly big compared to the other entries.


Thumbnail image for Mapside1.jpg

ice wind surfing.jpg

Winter Chair redo


Hi, Zophia!

I love Dan so much! I think you may be right about the sarcasm though. You’ll have to mix in some Phil or PJ next time.

I can’t really relate to your creativity crisis. This is the first time I’ve felt allowed to be truly creative in my coursework. Needless to say, I’m having a blast! I’m noticing a lot of habits of mine match well with the lifestyle of a designer, and I’m enjoying carrying around a dedicated sketchbook for the first time.

I wouldn’t worry too much; your blog and ideas are super neat! I think your mind map is very unique. There are a lot of nonobvious connections. I’m curious about the connection between “anti-depressants” and “New Zealand.” I particularly like how you took a product you found interesting, the synchronized nightlights, and apply the same theme to make new, awesome products. All of your illustrations are great too. Most of them are so clear that you wouldn’t even need to label them. You also use a good variety of ideation techniques. The combination of cross products, association maps, and thinking about related products gave you a healthy set of differing ideas.

There are a few things you could improve upon. A couple of your images could be cropped to only show the paper. The sub-themes you listed might be a bit too broad to be developed further. The Blow-dryer Ice Scraper could have used a better description. At first I didn’t understand the idea, and it felt like a superficial crossproduct to me. I had to look closely at the picture to understand its ingenuity. Perhaps a different name would help.

There’s definitely a market for the Distance Chess boards. I love correspondence games, but online chess feels far too impersonal. Maybe I’ll buy a set from you someday!


Hi Zophia,
I guess sarcasm can be both good and not so good to get in a playful mood, depending on the form of sarcasm. Perhaps you should have watched something (even if it was just a short video) of unicorns and rainbows to get you where you needed to be :P

Regarding your crisis, perhaps it's the result of not being in a playful mood. Really though, don't be too hard on yourself, you'll probably come up with better ideas if you manage to calm that "prove yourself" mode down. My experience is completely different. I consider myself not being a very creative person, and I've actually been surprising myself over the last couple assignments. You see, when you have low expectations from yourself, it's much more rewarding when you think "Hey, I think this idea of mine is actually pretty cool!".

Were we supposed to get the mind map in the notebook? If so, oh dear me, that'll be a challenge, because mine is pocket sized as well! Better start strategizing how I'm gonna do that.

Anyway, down to business. Your mind map looks playful and extensive, but I can't read it because the large image is so small. The notebook images are readable, but because they are multiple images the map becomes a bit detached and hard to grasp and overall feel for it.

You are very clear on the methods you used to come up with the ideas and documented well the kind of crossings/associations you were doing. Your Ice Wind Surfing is definitely going to be extreme. The low friction enables fast movement indeed, it also makes turning difficult. Come to think of it I think I've seen very similar hand crafted object at my grandpa's. It was a boat with a sail and sharp metal underneath (basically an ice skating boat with sail).

- Jon

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