Assignment 7


Hello there!

This was the most exciting assignment for me. First of all, I assessed my ideas with a Pugh Chart.


It seems that my top ideas are the click heat and flavor shots. However, I think I'm going to do a color hat analysis for each idea as well.

Red:Emotional, Gut Feelings
Yellow: Positive Optimistic
Green: Creative
Blue: Process, logistics
White: Factual
Black: Negative


Flavor Pods- Awesome, inexpensive to try. I've never had a flavor shot.

Color Change- Neat, no more burning mouth,

Heat Lid- How much would people really use this?

Click Heat- Super clever.

Eco Travel mug- better be cheap and work well


Flavor Pods- Perfect way to enjoy favorite flavors year round. Save money! Convenient and could be used at little coffee stations along with creamer.

Color change- Fun and useful. Helpful for those with sensitivities to temperature and medical conditions.

Heat Lid- No more spilled coffee! Great for offices and people with big houses. Useful for on the go!

Click Heat- Warm up coffee without plugging it in? Incredibly convenient, easy to use, non-toxic, and saves electricity.

Eco-travel mug: If I could get this every-time I went to a coffee shop, I would. It would be better for the environment than current solutions and might perform better too.


Flavor Pods- Explore new and unique flavors from around the world.

Color Change- Could be beautiful art pieces, and create a gorgeous experience for the user. Fractal or baroque designs would really make this idea stand out. Also other revealing or communicative messages could add a lot. Could be used in an awareness campaign.

Heat lid- Colors and designs could really add pizzazz. Also could come with a mug as an accessory.

Click heat- A travel version and an at home version. Have different colors. Accessories such as lids. Use to warm hands.

Eco-travel mug- customizable designs. Other products such as normal cups or normal mugs. Team up with a coffee shop like Caribou Coffee or other franchise. See if Starbucks would be interested in changing the plastic of their mugs.


Flavor Pods: The delivery system is the biggest challenge. What is the final form? A container? A melt-able candy or jelly?

Color Change: What is the best way of applying the paint. What mug shapes do people prefer? Can this be a small scale artisan production? Used in business promotions?

Heat Lid- How do we make the lid fit many cups? What is the best way to do the sizing?

Click heat- I'm not sure if this will work. And if it does work, what is the best configuration. How does one avoid patent infringement?

Eco-travel Mug- This would be best developed in conjunction with coffee houses as an in house product. If it was sold along coffee, it would be more appealing.


Flavor Pods- Single servings are common in many types of foods.

Color Change- This is a well known technology.

Heat Lid- A similar product has failed to get wide adoption.

Click Heat- People often have their coffee cool off an need a good solution.

Eco Travel Mug- Environment is a bigger concern recently.


Flavor Pods- Big companies will provide competition. Hard to get the flavor right. Other factors such as steamed milk factor into flavored coffee.

Color Change- Need to stand out from a lot of color change products. Seems gimicky.

Heat Lid- May not be that marketable. I don't think it has a high value over existing options.

Click Heat- Hard concept for people to understand. Patents cover a lot of the same ideas.

Eco-travel mug: Starbucks' new product is a huge challenge in the ring.


I chose my click heat mug. The idea interested me the most. I went to buy some of the sodium acetate hot pads to try it out. I used a rubber band and attached them to a mug. The results were disappointing. I realized that mug would be better for maintaining heat rather than increasing it.

Tepeo comes from the latin verb meaning "to be warm, to glow, to be in love"



First off, you did a very good job with the design of your video. You also presented the material in a clear way. However, I would've liked if you included a picture of your mug in both the post and the video. I think seeing the hot pad was beneficial but to see what your final product would look like with this incorporated heat pad would be even better. I think with that small change you'll do a great job in the 'walleye' tank tomorrow!

Your pitch was very well done! Like the other person commented your video is very visually appealing, I like the use of lights in the background and it's just overall good quality, very clear. I thought you came off as very informed and knowledgeable about your product. I also agree with the other person that it would've be cool if you had incorporated the product into your video. I couldn't make my product so I just drew a visual of it. Also I thought you did a good job make sure you didn't sound like a saleswoman or an infomercial. You had a good balance of energy in your voice while presenting your product. Good luck!

I really enjoyed your pitch video, it was very well composed with the cut scene of the hand warmers. It was great that you added a photo of your final product and it clearly shows how the product should be used.
Your pitch is very informative and clear, you stated useful information from surveyors and how your product would solve this problem.

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