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Jessie's entry on Oyewumi

I thoroughly enjoyed this reading-- it actually makes me want to go back to my anthropology professors from my freshman year and tell them that there are societies that exist in which there are no gender roles. Because this, class after class, including in sociology as well, is what they tell us. In fact recently, in the intro to sociology class I am taking currently, my professor said this very thing, and I remember, after so many women's studies classes, being so disheartened, like there was no hope. It just shows how much we must evaluate, question, and critique not only the information we receive, but from whom/where we receive it, just as Oyewumi does with the work of anthropologists who studied Oyo societies. Although i know how necessary it is, many times i forget that I must always ask, in what contexts is your point of view situated? So, I must even question Oyewumi. While reading this piece i constantly found myself asking, "but how often does this actually happen?" or some form of that. But I constantly contradict myself. It is so unbelievably difficult to get myself out of the dichotomous gendered mind-frame.

I was wondering while reading this, however, how different sexual orientations are treated in this Oyo society. I realize that it is not a gender-organized society, but I wonder if there are any distinctions made between sexual orientations and if so, how they are treated. In a society in which gender does not exist, I would presume that sexual orientations would also not exist in a hierarchy. I wish Oyewumi had addressed this and satisfied my curiosity.