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Jessie's entry

I realize that Ocampo wrote "Woman, Her Rights, and Her Responsibilities" in 1936. I realize this was a time when women were very much expected to exist in the private sphere, to take on domesticity as their life role. But still, I couldn't help but be bothered by the essentialism throughout this piece. Why is it she "who can contribute powerfully to creating a new state of things"? Why must it be a woman's role in life to raise descent "little men"? Why is it not just as important to raise women (or for that matter, people of other genders as well, though i'm noting the time period) who will change the world? If a woman chooses to have children, in order to raise people who will create "a new state of things," I think it would be helpful for women and men to be involved in this project, as it is good for children to have all kinds of role models (not that women cannot or do not raise children successfully on their own, they do, but why should men not be involved in the rearing process?). Throughout the piece Ocampo refers to woman's role as mother. Although this clearly bothers me, perhaps at the time (and even still now but with some modifications) she had a good point. Effort needs to be put into raising children differently-- raising them so that they see the world differently early on, so that they want create change.