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“There is a tendency to stress, the passive and traditional role, of women as opposed to a more dynamic and enterprising project of masculine world (Chong 2).

?National identity can thus make people aware of themselves as a unique collectivity and a defender of its possessions or historic patrimony, such as territory and culture (Chong 12).?

The quotes above from Chong made me thing about Belli and Kozameh .
In Inhabited Woman we can easily find a way to contradict such tendency. While we have Sara representing some ‘passivity’ choosing to be perfect housewife, on the other hand we have Flor who is really engaged to fight oppression and move forward with more hope for a change.
Kozameh in Steps Under Water represents the voice, not only for women, but also for her nation that has been prevented of knowing the truth of such a dark period in history for a great part of the population who still suffers with the mystery of those who disappeared.

Through the women in Belli and though Kozameh it is impossible not to recognize the possibility of knowing that their objective is to question the society and build through their voice the awareness to bring together women and the nation without being only “men [the representation of] the progressive feature of national modernity (Chong 2).?