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women and nation building

considering the tendency (described by both gutiérrez chong and sommer) to use images of women and their bodies in nation-building projects, can we read the literary texts in this course as products of women reclaiming their (own) images for their own uses?

how do these texts participate in nation-building projects? how do these texts interact with official nationalist discourses? i see some of these works as breaking into and contesting existing nationalist discourses. kozameh, for example, in pasos bajo el agua/steps under water, reveals aspects of argentine experience that had been buried. we know from her preface (as well as what she told us in person!) that this novel was not strictly her own personal experience but a composite of the stories of many people—however tragic, it is part of argentine identity. similarly, i think morejón’s poems “amo a mi amo?/ “i love my master? and “mujer negra?/ “black woman? expand the cuban story to include afro-cuban women.