November 1, 2006

BA 1001 Assign. 4

My name is Adam Kaner. I went to Rosemount High School which is about 30 min south of Minneapolis. I chose to go to the U of M after I was accepted into the Carlson. Carlson is one of the top business schools around so I knew I wanted to go here to get the best education experience possible.

Some hobbies I have include playing my trombone and also doing things on computers. I play trombone in the marching band and I am soon to play it in the Jazz Band here. On my computer I like to play fantasy sports games such as fantasy football and I also do enjoy playing some online games with my friends (Starcraft, Warcraft, World of Warcraft). I have enjoyed my time here at the U thus far and I hope to conitnue to have a good experience with my education here.