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What will be big for Microsoft in 2006?

Well, Microsoft will be launching it's biggest lineup of products ever. Our software maker will ship two critical products: Windows Vista, its next-generation operating system; and Office 12, a package that includes updated versions of Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. Its Xbox 360 is already on store shelves worldwide, albeit in short supply, and gamers who bought the consoles will now expect a steady flow of thrilling new games.
Since we have already began to dominate in internet, games, and software it is now time for us to advance in these areas.
We have already made 95% of the market share in explorer and now we must make a search engine to rival that of Google. Who is now planning on combining with AOL in there search engines. So we must work hard to defend our turf. We have been critisized for our slow product development cycle, lack of agility, and inability to capture emerging market opportunities. So for sure you will see a revamped Microsoft for 2006. So get ready to see a new wave of products.