March 25, 2009

IT Fellows on Blogging

Please comment here with a response to the following questions:

- When do we recommend UThink over other enterprise discussion tools (WebVista discussion boards, Moodle blogging, soon: Google groups)?

- When is blogging a truly useful academic endeavor and when does it run the risk of Web 2.0 for the sake of Web 2.0 pretentiousness?

Your participation is appreciated as we gear up for the next ITF large-group meeting (1:00PM on Monday, March 30th in 1-106 Hanson Hall.

Questions about the job?

Comment here regarding any questions or problems you may have about your position: dealing with instructors, using a particular piece of technology (enterprise or not), etc. This is a follow-up to the last ITF large-group meeting; use this space to articulate something that will be expanded upon during the next meeting - March 30th 1:00PM in 1-106 Hanson Hall