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Literacy Coaches: Roles & Responsibilities
These roles and responsibilities are meant as a set of guidelines with specific aspects varying slightly at each site. Included roles are MRC Internal Coach, District Literacy Coach, and PRESS Literacy Coach (as they pertain to the PRESS partnership).
Literacy Coach Roles & Responsibilies.pdf

Literacy Websites (recommended online resources): The following websites have a good collection of leveled fiction and non-fiction texts.

PPS Leveled Books Lists
You can search the database online by title, author, RR level, or grade level, or download PDF files that sort the entire database by the same functions.

Literacy Intervention for Everyone
This site has lists of books broken down by RR levels 1-20.

Scholastic News Online, America's Leading News Source for Kids
This site has classroom non-fiction magazine and newspaper articles for younger elementary readers.

Mini-Books: Explore Our Selection of Scholastic Mini-Books Today
This site is a collection of minibooks that can be modified for specific readers. You need to be a member to get the materials.

15,000+ Resources & Printable Worksheets from Scholastic
This site is a collection of literacy materials for elementary students. You need to be a member to get the materials.

Top 10 Sites about Literacy | Xmarks
This site is a list of literacy websites.

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