Interesting way to think of information literacy for students

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21stcenturylearner.jpg I have a Google search alert set up for "information literacy"--so every day I get an email with news articles and blogs that mention information literacy. I enjoy this service the challenge is just keeping up with it--each day only has 4-10 things listed but it is still hard to keep on top of (classic information overload!). But I am reading about a certificate that is offer at SUNY-Buffalo of a certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy.

It gives a few essential questions (EQs) for students:
1. Effective learners: How do I find and use information to construct meaning and solve problems?
2. Effective communicators and creators: How do I effectively communicate? [similar to WPA standard]
3. Effective global collaborators: How do I responsibly use information and communication to positively contribute to my world?

I see the obvious overlaps between Writing Studies and Information Literacy in these questions--how are we teaching students to answer these questions?

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