School librarians--vital in information age but first to be cut

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kids.jpg It can be tempting but problematic to make assumptions of the web and researching skills students have. Like everything else they vary from student to student depending on where they went to elementary, middle or high school, if there is a computer at home, if they are first generation college students and many other factors. This is a good article on a best case situation of a motivated, trained school librarian but many students continue to need these same skills reinforced here at the University.

In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update
Published: February 16, 2009-New York Times
School librarians are increasingly teaching digital skills, but they often become the first casualties of budget crunches.

Here at the U
The University Libraries are much larger and vast (15th largest library system in the country) than anything students have used before. It can be challenging to apply the skills they learned earlier to this new library system. We offer many resources and services to integrate the library more fully into your courses. Talk to your students about their skills level, pay special attention to the quality of sources they are citing and please let us know how we can help--that is what we are here for!

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