Where do students learn how to use a library? Not in Portland, OR

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Here is a story about the public schools in Portland, Oregon and the lack of certified librarians.

"In a society where most kids would rather consult Wikipedia than the World Book Encyclopedia, they say every student needs to learn how to use library resources and evaluate online information....

Studies show...
"A 2008 report on New York elementary schools concluded that students who work with certified librarians had higher achievement on standardized tests than those who didn't. A survey of Wisconsin school libraries found that high school students with access to librarians in their schools scored 10 to 20 percent higher on the ACT. Studies in 19 states have supported a similar connection.

No $$$:
"In 1999-2000, library expenditures nationwide were about $19 a student. A 2007 survey reported it had dropped to about $11 a student."

Read more at http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2009/03/most_portland_schools_dont_hav.html

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