First Year Writing and the Library

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Here are some highlights from a draft report on FYW and the Library:

  • After piloting Unravel the Library 2: Finding Scholarly Articles online tutorial in late spring and summer 2008, we rolled out the session in fall. We used Moodle to administer the quiz in both the Face-to-Face and online environments.
  • Overall, in 2008-09 we increased the number of students we taught with the Unravels series by about 30%.
  • We saw good acceptance for the online modules: about 50% of students that completed Unravel 2 took the online version.
  • The average quiz scores in Unravel 2 were between 85% and 87% overall. We define a score of 80% and above as successful thus student learning was achieved in both the face-to-face and online sessions.
  • We need to increase tracking of who is completing the Unravel the Library workshops to better assess how well we are reaching First Year Writing students.

Read the entire report here: FYW_Library_Report_Fall08_Spring09_2.doc


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