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Wilson_reference.jpgOur goal is to provide first year students the fundamental library and information literacy skills needed to help students succeed in first year writing and beyond. We teach students to efficiently find and evaluate academic and popular sources to use in their writing. Here are a number of resources available to support you and to help ensure your students learn how to do academic research:

1.) Incorporate Unravel the Library workshops into your FYW class.
Online Unravel the Library 2: Finding Scholarly Articles (
Require students to take this online tutorial either in-class or on their own time (takes about 45 minutes). Students take a quiz and can print out the results to turn in to you--points or extra credit can be given. Here are the Unravel 2: Finding Scholarly Articles learning outcomes:
--Identify appropriate article indexes and use them to find articles
--use search techniques to find articles for their topic
--identify whether an article is considered scholarly or not.

Face-to-face Unravel the Library 1, 2 or 3 (
These sessions are held at various times throughout the semester. Students can be required to attend specific workshops. Students can get a certificate to turn in to you (signed by the librarian) for points or extra credit.

Unravel 1: Orientation & Tour of Wilson Library learning outcomes: Orientation to services and resources available through the Libraries, how to read a book and article citation, how to locate books and articles from a citation, Tour of Wilson Library.

Unravel 2: Finding Scholarly Articles learning outcomes: Identify appropriate article indexes and use them to find articles, use search techniques to find article for their topic, identify whether an article is considered scholarly or not.

Unravel 3: Advanced Searching learning outcomes: Construct a simple search strategy, use advanced searching such as field searching, limiting, truncation and Boolean operators

Next steps for you:

1. Assign Unravel 2 Online (give students this URL: Instruct students to take the four Unravel modules and take the quiz. Students can then print out the quiz and turn in to you. They can log in at any time to access quiz results.


2. Assign Unravel the Library Face-to-Face workshop by a given date. Instruct students to register for an Unravel 1, 2 or 3 workshop convenient for them at

2.) Peer Research Consultants (Pilot) Program **NEW**
The University Libraries, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE), and SMART Learning Commons have come together to pilot a program of providing peer tutors for students on library and academic research--specifically First Year Writing students. PRCs have completed WRIT 1301 and will receive extensive training in library research, information literacy, tutoring and cultural competencies. We have hired three students for Fall and they will be available for one-on-one appointments and drop-ins in early October at the SMART Learning Commons and MCAE. I will send more information about times and locations soon. PRC can help students with:
--Selecting and narrowing a topic
--Finding Books and articles
--Finding scholarly articles
--Evaluating sources
--Basic citation creation

3.) CourseLib page of library resources for Students (general or get your own customized page)
We have created CourseLib guides which act as a head start for students doing research:

* WRIT 1201: Writing Studio CourseLib page for students
* WRIT 1301: University Writing (all) CourseLib page for students
* WRIT 1401: Writing and Academic Inquiry (all) CourseLib page for students

To get your own page customized for your course topics, just email

4.) FYW Instructor's Guide to the Libraries (
Find links and assignments that can be added to your course to help students learn skills to effectively find articles and other library resources

5.) Writing Studies & the University Libraries Blog (
Read about news, events and ideas from the crossroads of Writing and Library Research.

6.) Chat with a Librarian now available 24/7!

Click on "chat" in upper left hand corner of Library homepage

Have questions? Let me know:
Kate Peterson--YOUR librarian
Contact me with any questions, comments, purchase requests (books, journals), research help, etc. I can come to your office for a one-on-one consultation.
Contact me:, 612-626-3746, Walter Library 239
IM: katethegreatmpls, Twitter: kategreatmpls
Writing Studies & University Libraries blog:

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