New Courselib Pages in Writing Studies

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We have been creating a number of new Courselib pages for Writing Studies courses. These pages are created in collaboration with instructors and librarians, like me. Generally an instructor will send me their ideas for a page and their syllabus. I will create a page based on the collections of the library. Then we make adjustments as needed.

The Courselib page can be a great starting point for students doing research--especially for interdisciplinary topics or assignments or if they are new to the resources of the library. courselib2.jpg

Take a look at the new offerings:
WRIT 1201: Writing Studio (Stansbury)
WRIT 1301: University Writing (Moses)
WRIT 1301: University Writing (Oleksiak)
WRIT 1301: University Writing (Pawlowski)
WRIT 1910W: Fashioning a World: Magazines in American Culture
WRIT 3381: Writing and Modern Cultural Movements

If you are interested in getting a Courselib page for your class, send me an email (

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