Unravel the Library workshops for First Year Writing

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Challenges - Realities of student research skills:

  • Many students have used Google/Wikipedia to find information/sources for the majority of their papers in high school and they have gotten A's.
  • Students have a wide range of experience with library research (budget cuts in the last 10 years have affected the number of media specialists and librarians in Minnesota's school libraries).
  • First year students can suffer from "library anxiety" including feelings of inadequacy, intimidation, and extreme reluctance with asking for help which all lead to procrastination.
  • The University Libraries, websites, and tools are complex.

Solutions - Unravel the Library Workshops

Include Unravel the Library workshops into your class to help your students learn to use the Library and to find academic sources. We offer two ways to do this:

1. Online Unravel the Library 2: Finding Scholarly Articles
Require students to take this online tutorial either in-class or on their own time (takes about 45 minutes). Students take a quiz and can print it to turn in to you for credit or extra credit.

2. Face-to-Face Unravel the Library 1, 2, or 3
These sessions are held at various times throughout the semester. Students can be required to attend specific workshops by a given date. Students get a certificate to turn in to you for credit or extra credit. Learn more about the content of each of these at about Unravel the Library.

Next Steps for You:

1. Include one of the Unravel the Library workshops into your syllabi and course.
2. Contact me with any questions (Kate Peterson, liaison to Writing Studies at katep@umn.edu or 612-626-3746).

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