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Intertwined acts

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The Precession, Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery's newest project, redefines literary creation as intertwined acts of writing, composing, and viewing/reading work on the Internet, as well as collaboration and performance. The entire process makes a series of exciting suggestions about how electronic writing in particular can be translated into innovative and significant performances either on your own computer screen, projected into and onto various spaces, or interacted with as a live event.

Is academic research painful for your students?

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This blog post is from 2009 but no less true today...PIL_images.jpg

Read more about the current research from Project Information Literacy:

p.s. If you answered "yes" to the blog title...the Libraries can help!

continuum published No. 9--Libraries Newsletter

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The University of Minnesota Libraries publication Continuum is now being published online. Here is the new url: and view it through issuu...a web based "reader"


U Copyright in the Chronicle

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NancySimms.jpgDid you see at the beginning of summer that the University of Minnesota's copyright librarian, Nancy Simms, was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education?

What You Don't Know About Copyright, but Should.

RefWorks 2.0 and RefShare

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RefWorks 2.0 & RefShare Now Available

RefWorks 2.0

RefWorks has introduced a new, user-friendly interface called RefWorks 2.0. Current RefWorks account holders have the option to move to the new interface now. RefWorks 2.0 will become the only interface by the start of fall semester.


In addition to a new interface, account holders will now be able to easily share citation data with internal and external folks via RefShare.

View more information on both RefWorks 2.0 and RefShare.


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clock.jpgWell it has only taken me two years to get the templates updated on this but now that I have I look forward to more posts...couldn't be that hard we my previous 1 per year rate...