Obama rallies doctors for health care in Rose Garden

by Greta Kaul

            President Obama outlined his health care plan to an audience of doctors from across the country in a televised event at the White House Monday, according to the Associated Press.

            Obama made his address to the 150 doctors in the White House Rose Garden.  He said that his overhaul plan would benefit medical professionals as much as it would benefit patients, according to the New York Times.

            Many of the doctors were members of Doctors for America, an outgrowth of Doctors for Obama, a group that worked to elect the president, said the New York Times.

            The Senate Finance Committee is expected to vote on the legislation later this week, according to the New York Times.

            Amendments to the legislation have reduced penalties for not carrying insurance, The AP reported.  It is now expected to grant coverage to 92 percent to 93 percent of Americans, down from 95 percent in earlier versions, the AP said.

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