Senate to approve health care bill

by Greta Kaul


            The Senate Finance Committee is expected to approve its health care bill later this week.           

            Under the plan, supported by President Obama, millions of uninsured Americans would receive subsidized health care benefits, and the government would regulate the growth of health spending, according to the New York Times.

            Obama stressed that, when passed, the health care reform will help small businesses and create jobs, according to the New York Times.

            At $900 billion over 10 years, the reform would meet Obama's requirement for offsetting spending increases by taxing those who refuse to buy insurance and limiting fees payable to doctors and hospitals under Medicare, the Los Angeles Times said.

            Democrats need 60 votes to bypass a possible filibuster by Republicans in the Senate, the New York Times said, and Republicans intend to fight the reform.

            After the bill is approved, full debate is expected to begin mid-October, and last for two weeks, in which Republicans are expected to propose amendments, the Los Angeles Times said. 


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