HCMC launches ad campaign in hopes of restoring funds

by Greta Kaul

            The elimination of the General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) program will leave the Hennepin County Medical Center with a $42 million loss this year, according to MinnPost.

            The HCMC has commissioned a marketing campaign designed to shock Minnesotans into supporting the restoration of the GAMC by exposing potential effects of the cuts.

            On a slim budget of $30,000, the "Will You Lose" campaign by Blair Fellman uses a Cold War-style atomic fallout map, and slogans like "DO IT YOURSELF DENTAL" to promote the partial or full restoration of the GAMC, according to MinnPost.

            The shift from the GAMC to the MinnesotaCare program this March will force the HCMC to cut 150 to 200 jobs.  They also plan to stop treating uninsured non-emergency patients who live outside of Hennepin County, according to the Star Tribune.

             HCMC officials told county commissioners Tuesday that legislative relief is the only way to make up for the loss of the GAMC.  Board Chairman Mike Opat is not optimistic about its restoration, leaving commissioners puzzling over how to fix a $25 million gap in funding, according to the Star Tribune.

            The HCMC is hopeful that the "Will You Lose" campaign will convince Minnesotans of the need to restore the GAMC on a grassroots level, according to MinnPost.

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